The Automata pen is inspired by the intricate mechanical creations that have appeared throughout mythology, art, engineering and even philosophy. According to legend, the ancient Greek metalsmith, Hephaestus, forged Automata to aide him in his divine work. During the “Golden Age of the Automata” in the 19th century, craftsmen devised contraptions in great complexities which could perform tasks as simple as chiming at the top of the hour to playing entire songs on an instrument. Modern day automata have developed into expressions of artistic beauty more than technical performance. Emulating the original mechanical masterpieces throughout history, the Chushev “Automata” draws on the essence of its ancestral machines to portray a fascinating creation which captures the viewer through both its intricacy and elegant nature.

As part of the timepiece inspired Crown and Gear collection, the Automata pen is fabricated in sterling silver and features sapphires and diamonds, stones typically used as bearings in fine watches.


  • Features female figure automaton crafted in solid 925 sterling silver

  • Cap incorporates dozens of timepiece elements assembled in a striking composition

  • Weight: 105 grams

  • Dimensions: 5.1 inches when closed


  • 55 ballpoint pens

Price: $3950