The “Crania” piece is rooted in the artistic genre and philosophy of Memento Mori. The phrase itself translates to “remember death”. During the period when this concept was at the height of its popularity, the notion was not intended to mortify. Instead, it was meant to inspire. The idea was that by reminding one of their own mortality, you could drive them to change their perspective on life by forcing the realisation that their time is limited and that they should make the best of it. Many of the artworks of this kind incorporated motifs of skulls and skeletons. Being a product of a traditional fine art education, Chavdar Chushev is both well-versed in and fascinated by the anatomy of living things. He has incorporated his unique artistic interpretation along with the Memento Mori message to create a truly one of a kind writing instrument.


  • The entire barrel, skull and sword are crafted in 925 sterling silver.

  • Interior base of the pen is acrylic resin

  • Weight: 100 grams

  • Dimensions: 5.1 inches when closed


  • 55 fountain pens with exchangeable rollerball adaptors

Price: $3495