The Crown and Gear collection draws on the intricate and structured design features of the iconic Swiss watch.The individual watch components are carefully selected, re-fabricated in precious metals, and composed into elaborate designs often jeweled with Diamonds and Sapphires (gems traditionally used as bearings in fine watches). The resulting pieces are unique in their appeal. They fire our imagination and make us lose ourselves in their micro-cosmos. It is through this reinterpretation that the old Swiss watches are given a new life as wearable art, writing instruments and sculptures, thus becoming an integral part of the Chushev collection.

The line also incorporates aesthetics from the Steampunk genre, a literary and stylistic concept based on 19th century industrial steam powered mechanics. The initial concept of Crown and Gear was developed in the 1980’s while Chavdar Chushev was designing collections for a European Jewelry company well before the emergence of the Steampunk genre in the cultural scene. Despite not being the genesis of the Crown and Gear collection, Steampunk’s abstract and rugged stylistic interpretations have nonetheless served as a continued source of inspiration for the development of our own category.