Encompassing the entire concept of the Intaglios line is the 7000 year old art of gemstone engraving. The pens, jewelry, and objets d’art of the collection are modeled after scenes from the Ancient Greek Mythology depicted on antique intaglios (designs incised or engraved into a gemstone). Often utilizing a unique technique of fusing 24k gold and sterling silver, the luxurious items in the Intaglios assortment portray a vivid narrative and illustration of a culture long gone. The smithing process employed is one that has character, grit, a sense of history and identity. The pieces have the semblance of being unearthed following a millennia long slumber under the earth, primed to be rediscovered for their rich and captivating allure. This collection has a unique significance since Chavdar Chushev is a master gem engraver himself and often creates gemstone intaglios to be incorporated in his jewelry designs.